Signs of Summer

It’s a Memorial Day Miracle. My tomato plant is showing its first signs of ripening fruit!

After countless years of shriveled tomato-growing efforts, it seems like I’ll finally be enjoying my own backyard tomatoes this summer.

And because I wouldn’t want any garden beauty feeling neglected– here are a few shots of the Rainbow Swiss Chard growing merrily alongside the tomatoes. What started as a haphazard sprinkling of seeds has sprung into this..

I have some big plans for this Chard, so fingers crossed no pests find their way to it before I do.


Good Morning, Sunshine

My favorite way to start off the morning, aside from a brimming cup of New Orleans Community Coffee, is with a walk through the garden.
Saying that last bit aloud confirms why I often feel like I’m 25 going on 50, but just looking at these photos I took over the weekend is enough for me to set my alarm an hour earlier so I don’t miss the best part of the day, a sunshiny morning.