1 minute project: Clothespin Photo Banner

After coming across a collection of gorgeous photos of my Grandparents from the 40s , I instantly knew I had to display them in a way I could actually see (photo albums so rarely get looked at in my house).
I also wanted to avoid damaging the photos with puncture marks or the like.

So, voilà, another 1 minute project was born.

The necessities:

Clothespins. I used mini ones here as they were more to scale to my vintage photos.

Twine, string, ribbon, or whatever is handy at the moment.
I used hemp for this banner, leftover from my hemp necklace making days… remember those??

Photos, naturally.
I ended up using a mix of both old and new- for color and sentimental value 🙂

All together now.

Simply arrange your photos in the order you’d like them to hang, as looks most pleasing.

Fasten the photo to the string with your clothespin.

This is a photo of my Grandma, Stella. I love how carefree and full of life she looks here; I can almost imagine that I’m right there with her that summer, on the lake with her betrothed.

Now hang, and you’re done!