Retro Kick

I’ve found myself on an unintentional 60s era art binge. Maybe its my latent longing for the next Mad Men season, but lately, it seems every where I turn, there it is.

On a recent trip to the Getty, I was mesmerized by the David Hockney prints. As one of the pioneers of 60s pop art, Hockney is emblematic of the times, and there’s something clean and vivid about his work that I just love.
David Hockney, Portrait of an Artist (Pool with Two Figures)

David Hockney, Big Splash

I’ve also been eating 1960s set movies up with a spoon. The societal agitation of the time along with distinctive fashion and design make for so much eye candy. I mean, look at that turban! The bouffants! Those cuffed jeans at the drive in movie!

Harold and Maude, 1971

An Education, 2009

The Graduate, 1967

A Single Man, 2009

And while 60s inspired fashion is EVERYWHERE these days and I really should be so damn sick of those thick-rimmed hipster glasses by now, my enrapture continues. However, I don’t dare elaborate on the fashion of the day because 1. I wear hiking boots to run errands and therefore have no authority on the subject 2. it’s too much information to cover in a lousy blog post.
That said, I cannot help myself from sharing this Yves Saint Laurent number. It’s too good not to.

Is anyone else on a retro kick at the moment?


Long Handed, Long Winded?

I better start this blog-journey off with a word about the title.

I’m an old fashioned kind of girl. Not in the Pilgrim-dressing, black and white TV watching kind of way, but I like to do things slowly. I endeavor to savor, and find this is most easily achieved at a slower pace- while I walk, bike, dig, plant, churn, and cook. There’s calm in those little moments, and in the midst of demanding careers, responsibilities, and obligations, these little moments are what makes me feel sane, connected.

Handwriting is one example of something that if done slowly, with care, can be so beautiful. It links history to our present, and represents art in the everyday.

So I am writing to assert that despite swirling debates, featured in both Time magazine and The Guardian ( here and here), handwriting is not dead. In fact, it’s loved. Just like soup from scratch, a fresh cut garden bouquet, and the rustling of the Sunday paper over coffee.

Although I’m acutely aware of the irony of writing a blog about all of these “slow” things, my aim, nevertheless, is to document these moments, recipes, and ideas, here.