Long Handed, Long Winded?

I better start this blog-journey off with a word about the title.

I’m an old fashioned kind of girl. Not in the Pilgrim-dressing, black and white TV watching kind of way, but I like to do things slowly. I endeavor to savor, and find this is most easily achieved at a slower pace- while I walk, bike, dig, plant, churn, and cook. There’s calm in those little moments, and in the midst of demanding careers, responsibilities, and obligations, these little moments are what makes me feel sane, connected.

Handwriting is one example of something that if done slowly, with care, can be so beautiful. It links history to our present, and represents art in the everyday.

So I am writing to assert that despite swirling debates, featured in both Time magazine and The Guardian ( here and here), handwriting is not dead. In fact, it’s loved. Just like soup from scratch, a fresh cut garden bouquet, and the rustling of the Sunday paper over coffee.

Although I’m acutely aware of the irony of writing a blog about all of these “slow” things, my aim, nevertheless, is to document these moments, recipes, and ideas, here.


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